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February 2019 Goals

February 3, 2019

January, perpetually the longest month in existence, is over. And with that, on to February!

A note that I am forever trying to find a better way to format these goals but with my current blog template, I’m just not sure it’s possible. Sad.

what's on my calendar

– The Super Bowl (tonight!)
– A birthday party for three friends
– My dad’s birthday
– Running a 10K race
– Book club + the Oscars

what i'm loving right now

– taking this weekend off Instagram
– writing my newsletter
– my new prints from artsy affirmations, a shop that loves boy bands as much as i do
– these gifts of january

how i did with goals last month

– Clean and organize my toiletries.
– Sort through books and put some in storage.
– Update my resume
and portfolio website.
– Read 10 books. I read nine!
– Have an adventure day.
– Keep writing my newsletter.
– Write 3 blog posts a week. I wrote 11 in total, so pretty close.
– Write 3 freelance articles. Nope.
– Pitch a book review to a website. Nope.
– Write 5,000 words for a writing project. Also nope.

my goals for this month

– Finish my upcoming 10k race with a smile on my face
– Read 10 books
– Apply to 25 jobs
– No frivolous spending (more about this later this week!)
– Visit a new place, ideally from the 101 Things to Do in Los Angeles book
– Finish updating my freelance website
– Plan a friend hangout + stick to it
– Find a therapist
– Write 25,000 words

Again, most of these goals come from my 2019 goals, which I blogged here. What are you hoping to get done this month?