October 2017 Books

There are some months where I’m really busy and read very little (like September) and then there was this month, where I was incredibly busy and still managed to read eleven books. It’s probably some sort of procrastination technique, but it’s productive in its own way so I’m going to take it.

September 2017 Books

I didn’t read as many books in September as last month! Between a trip to San Francisco, races, visits to Disneyland, camping in Joshua Tree, a bunch of concerts, and generally living life, there wasn’t as much time.

COLLABOREADS | A Book in a Series

This month’s prompt was A Book in a Series. I recently finished the The Selection by Kiera Cass, which is the first of a series of three books. I’ve read all three over the past few weeks. There are two other companion books that take place later and are currently sitting at home waiting for me, but these three are a complete series. I’m going to talk about the first one! I previously tried to listen to the audiobook of this but I hated the voice, so I never got past the first chapter. Happy to say reading it myself was a much better experience.

January + February Books

I read a total of 17 books in January and February! I can’t really believe it, but making the commitment to read for at least 30 minutes every day has really paid off. I’ve also been taking advantage of Audible and the free audiobooks from the library – that helped me read a lot of books.

Collaboreads | The Nest

This month’s Collaboreads link-up is the perfect chance for me to get my feet wet and start writing all those posts that are begging to be written! The prompt this month is a book you chose for the cover.


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