The Gifts of January

February 1, 2019 No Comments

The Gifts of January

February 1, 2019 No Comments

Hannah wrote a post about her gifts of January and I couldn’t help but be inspired to emulate her and write my own.

WORKING OUT AGAIN :: After a weird few weeks where my relationship to fitness + health felt rocky, it was lovely to move my body a whole bunch toward the end of the month. My mottos are ‘baby steps’ and ‘have some fun with it.’ My fitness life since running the marathon last March has certainly had its ups and downs, and I want to be better about caring for myself.

OWNING MY FEELINGS :: I am the queen of downplaying my feelings + emotions for the sake of feeling like I don’t take up too much space. I desperately hate the idea that people may think I’m overshadowing them or that I’m inconveniencing them by sharing my emotions. In January I tried harder to let myself sit in my feelings and let them be what they are. There’s no point in pretending I don’t have big feelings, no matter how hard I try.

A FRESH START FOR FINANCES :: I’ve written before about how using You Need a Budget changed my relationship to money (here and here). For a six/seven week stretch of November through January, it felt like I completely went off the rails and abandoned all semblance of budget categories. I ended up doing a fresh start with the program (super easy) and even in the last week it’s been nice to feel like I’m a bit more in control.

READING DURING LUNCH BREAKS :: I try very hard to take an actual lunch break away from my desk, and lately I’ve been trying to fill that time with reading. Sometimes I’ll eat lunch at my desk while I work and then I’ll have a full half hour to read whatever I want. A mini gift: reading books I want and giving myself the permission to put them down when I’m not interested!

NOT WORKING EVERY WEEKEND :: From Halloween to Christmas, I worked pretty much every weekend between my two jobs. Now that I’m no longer working the seasonal retail job, I’ve had weekends to myself. It’s been lovely to have a bit more time to breathe. I do laundry, I sleep, I see friends, and I grocery shop. I read a lot of books. It’s wonderful.

A DAIRY-FREE LIFE :: I learned a few months ago that I function better without dairy. My skin clears up and I feel much better when I’m not eating it. In Ireland I was able to eat as much as I wanted without issue, but the dairy must be different here because I have totally different results. Ice cream hurts my stomach and cheese makes me break out. Any time I don’t eat dairy is like a gift to myself. It’s a gift I squander some times, but when I don’t eat it, I feel better.

Tell me, what were your gifts last month?

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