Marathon Monday 02

October 8, 2018 No Comments

Marathon Monday 02

October 8, 2018 No Comments

This week was pretty good! I got off to a rough start on Monday, and I really didn’t want to work out given that I had a bad day. I decided to push past it and workout anyway. A lot of traffic meant I couldn’t squeeze in my planned run before class, so I figured I’d go to the boot camp class at the gym anyway. Then the teacher didn’t show up! I decided to do the elliptical machine, but I didn’t have my headphones, and I lasted about five minutes before giving up and going home. It was a good faith effort.

Tuesday was running at the track (with a bit of a delayed start) and then luckily things got a bit better from there! 


Monday’s plan: Boot camp + 30 minute run
This did not happen – see above for the drama!

Tuesday’s plan: 30 minute run at the track
I squeezed in a run of 21 minutes and ran 1.5 miles. 

Wednesday’s plan: November Project workout + evening yoga
I made it to NP and ran 1.5 miles, but I decided to pass on yoga in favor of doing freelance work instead.

Thursday’s plan: 40 minute run
I ran/walked 3 miles in 49 minutes. This was really more of a walk. My calves were sore and it was humid, and I felt bad about the whole thing. But a friend reminded me “walk is better than sit!” and that changed my perspective.

Friday’s plan: Rest

Saturday: 4 mile group run
Done! 4 miles in 53:48. I joined a new pace group this week and it felt much better.

Sunday: Yoga
This didn’t happen because I went wine tasting with friends and I couldn’t make it to the class before we had to leave.

Overall, week two counts as pretty good.


Here’s what I’m planning for this week, per my workout plan:

Monday: Boot camp + 30 minute run
Tuesday: 30 minute run at the track
Wednesday: November Project workout + evening yoga
Thursday: 40 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 mile group run
Sunday: Yoga

It’s pretty similar to last week, but I’m hoping for a better success rate this time around.

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