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Marathon Monday 04

October 22, 2018

This week was pretty good, barring a few issues. I’m beginning to remember that marathon training is really just about going with the ebbs and flow. There might be a perfect week and there might be a horrible week, but most weeks are going to be somewhere in between. My biggest realization this week is that I think I’m going to cancel my gym membership. It’s $50 a month and the most I ever use it for is one yoga class a week, if that. The classes I want unfortunately aren’t conducive to my schedule, and I’m not in a place where I can waste $50 a month. It’s just not worth it financially. I might look on Groupon for some cheap yoga classes and work in yoga that way.

Week Four

Monday’s plan: 40 minute run + yoga
What actually happened: I ran to yoga, but I wore the wrong type of pants for running and they kept falling down! So it was a walk of 2.25 miles instead. 

Tuesday’s plan: Rest day due to other commitments
What actually happened: Rest.

Wednesday’s plan: November Project
What actually happened: November Project! We did a hill running workout with some core. I ran 1.61 miles.

Thursday’s plan: 50 minute run
What actually happened: I used the treadmill for the first time in a long time and remembered how much I hate it. I ran/walked 2.85 miles in 50 minutes.

Friday’s plan: Rest day
What actually happened: I got to sleep in and rest.

Saturday’s plan: 6 mile run
What actually happened: 6.10 mile run in 1 hour, 24 minutes. For parts of this I felt like I might die, and other parts felt good. This is the longest I’ve run in 7 months!

Sunday’s plan: Yoga
What actually happened: Another rest day. I had to pick up my roommate from LAX at the time I’d hoped to go to yoga and there’s no classes in the afternoons on Sundays, so this didn’t happen. (This is when I realized it made sense to just get rid of it.)


Monday: 45 minute run
Tuesday: Track run ~45 minutes
Wednesday: November Project + maybe yoga
Thursday: 50 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 mile run
Sunday: Rest

I feel like this series is starting to get a bit redundant but I’m going to keep up with it as a training log. It’ll be fun to look back on and I hope maybe 2 people find it interesting. Shout out to Hannah who left a comment last week to say she was loving it, which made my whole day.

Marathon Monday 03

October 15, 2018

This week was a bit of a wash with regards to workouts, but the first half was good! I’ve definitely noticed that having Bri training for the marathon with me has been great for accountability and keeping me to my word. But then there’s times like this weekend and we also talk each other out of workouts. It’s a balancing act!


Monday’s plan: Boot camp + 30 minute run
What actually happened: 50 minute run, 3.5 miles

Tuesday’s plan: 30 minutes at the track
What actually happened: 30 minute run, 2.25 miles, with some core exercises

Wednesday’s plan: November Project workout + evening yoga
What actually happened: 1.25 mile run with core exercises, no yoga (might be time to get rid of this one/move it to a different day if it’s not going to happen)

Thursday’s plan: 40 minute run
What actually happened: No workout. A whole bunch of rough things happened in the afternoon so an evening workout didn’t happen

Friday: Rest
What actually happened: Rest!

Saturday: 5 mile group run
What actually happened: No workout. Our power went out Friday night and we couldn’t get out of the building to eave for the workout the next morning. I never got around to making it up (this is 100% due to laziness).

Sunday: Yoga
What actually happened: No workout. I slept in and watched Grey’s Anatomy in my pajamas.


Here’s what I’m planning for the week ahead:

Monday: 40 minute run + yoga
Tuesday: Rest day due to other commitments
Wednesday: November Project
Thursday: 50 minute run
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 6 mile run
Sunday: Yoga

Marathon Monday 02

October 8, 2018

This week was pretty good! I got off to a rough start on Monday, and I really didn’t want to work out given that I had a bad day. I decided to push past it and workout anyway. A lot of traffic meant I couldn’t squeeze in my planned run before class, so I figured I’d go to the boot camp class at the gym anyway. Then the teacher didn’t show up! I decided to do the elliptical machine, but I didn’t have my headphones, and I lasted about five minutes before giving up and going home. It was a good faithe ffort.

Tuesday was running at the track (with a bit of a delayed start) and then luckily things got a bit better from there! 


Monday’s plan: Boot camp + 30 minute run
This did not happen – see above for the drama!

Tuesday’s plan: 30 minute run at the track
I squeezed in a run of 21 minutes and ran 1.5 miles. 

Wednesday’s plan: November Project workout + evening yoga
I made it to NP and ran 1.5 miles, but I decided to pass on yoga in favor of doing freelance work instead.

Thursday’s plan: 40 minute run
I ran/walked 3 miles in 49 minutes. This was really more of a walk. My calves were sore and it was humid, and I felt bad about the whole thing. But a friend reminded me “walk is better than sit!” and that changed my perspective.

Friday’s plan: Rest

Saturday: 4 mile group run
Done! 4 miles in 53:48. I joined a new pace group this week and it felt much better.

Sunday: Yoga
This didn’t happen because I went wine tasting with friends and I couldn’t make it to the class before we had to leave.

Overall, week two counts as pretty good.


Here’s what I’m planning for this week, per my workout plan:

Monday: Boot camp + 30 minute run
Tuesday: 30 minute run at the track
Wednesday: November Project workout + evening yoga
Thursday: 40 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 mile group run
Sunday: Yoga

It’s pretty similar to last week, but I’m hoping for a better success rate this time around.

Marathon Monday 01

October 1, 2018

When I first started running, I devoured running blogs. I loved reading people’s training logs, their race recaps, and their emotions about the whole process. But there was one problem: all of these people were a lot faster than me. I wanted to read someone who was more like me: not a speedster, but plodding along day after day, trying her best. So I decided it’d be up to me.

I used to write recaps of my own, three summers ago when I was training for my first half marathon. I didn’t do it for my first marathon, but I wished I did. So I’m doing it now, for marathon number two.

The Road Ahead

The race is on March 24, 2019. I’m training with the LA Road Runners, and we started training last Saturday, September 29. It’s a long training cycle (26 weeks) and a few people have questioned that, since most marathon training plans tend to be 16-20 weeks. Our program is a bit different in that it starts with shorter runs and builds a foundation before moving on to the longer runs most programs start with.

I may write a post about my intentions/hopes for this training cycle, but the main reasons I signed up for this crazy adventure again are because 1) I know I can do better than I did before and 2) I loved how I felt when I was training before. The schedule and regimen were really good for me.

That said, I wasn’t super excited about the prospect of going to the first run on Saturday. But then I woke up and got really excited during the drive. It was great to see people again, and it made me feel like part of a community. I had that feeling of planting down roots – doing the same thing for the second time with the same people.

Week One

I intended to work out at least twice during the week but it didn’t happen. Not a great start, but it’s okay. 26 weeks is a long time, and I’m alright giving myself a bit of grace at the start.

Saturday: 3 mile run at 13:22 min/mi pace. This felt okay – honestly a little bit fast. We run with pace groups and I think I’m going to try a different group next week.

Week Two

Here’s what I’m planning for this week:

Monday: Boot camp + 30 minute run
Tuesday: 30 minute run at the track
Wednesday: November Project workout + evening yoga
Thursday: 40 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 mile group run
Sunday: Yoga

I’m hoping to write quick recaps with thoughts/plans/feelings/results every week. I’m excited for what’s to come!