Weekend Update 05

It was a good weekend full of books, Game of Thrones episodes (precisely four), and hanging out at home by myself. The most I did was leave the house for a book swap on Saturday and do some laundry and some very light meal prepping on Sunday. Beyond that, I relaxed, I finished two books (one which I started and finished in one day), I did a few hours of freelance work, and I redesigned the blog layout!

April 2019 Books

I’m finally up to date on book reviews! As you’ll see April was my best month yet for reading this year. I read seven books and luckily I enjoyed most of them. Here’s my thoughts!

Currently | April 2019

Long time no post! Even though it’s a few weeks late, I thought I’d still link up with Anne of In Residence for her monthly Currently series. Here’s what I’m experiencing, appreciating, wishlisting, posting, and considering.

Three Things: A Newsletter

Three Things (on Thursday) is a weekly newsletter where I send things that make your life a little better, week after week. This comes in the form of three things to read (usually books or links to articles), two things that you should know, and one thing I’ve learned in recent weeks.


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