June 2019 Goals

June 17, 2019 No Comments

June 2019 Goals

June 17, 2019 No Comments

It’s mid-June and I’m just now setting a few goals because I spent the first week at home in Boston and then spent the rest of last week trying to get my life together in some form! It’s wild to me how not having some downtime to get myself settled and in order really messes me up in terms of my routine. But most of the time it’s worth it to break out of my routine to do something fun. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish and enjoy in the second half of the month.

  • read 10 books
  • crush (or at least survive) the 10K I’m running
  • start Couch to 5K
  • go to a book swap (it was this weekend, and it was awesome!)
  • create a summer vision board
  • figure out the basic arc of the novel I’ll start writing soon
  • participate in Week in the Life and take relevant photos
  • add a “now” page to my portfolio site (h/t to Alex Laughlin for the idea)
  • organize photos each week
  • keep my bookstagram up to date
  • maybe eat some vegetables?
  • write more blog posts!
  • warm weather
  • tough conversations that lead to really good outcomes
  • a clean desk for the first time in far too long
  • being able to walk 3 blocks to the library
  • making character playlists for my novel and feeling really excited about it in general
  • a Dodgers game
  • book club
  • a Betty Who concert (last night!)
  • relaxing at home
  • lots and lots of writing
  • read 6 books
  • clean bathroom toiletries
  • outline first half of novel (ambitious, but exciting)
  • go to a Dodgers game
  • list extra acrylic stamps for sale
  • finish Week in the Life project with journaling and embellishments
  • summer vision board
  • make Q3 goals list
  • add “now” page to website for Q3
  • go to November Project each week I’m home
  • keep up to date with blog posts

Ambitious given that it’s July 17? Definitely. Am I cool with that? Absolutely.

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