Weekend Update 06

May 23, 2019 No Comments

Weekend Update 06

May 23, 2019 No Comments

This weekend was great, as evidenced by the fact that I’m writing about it on Thursday! I didn’t take a ton of photos but I did do a lot of things. On Friday I watched SEVEN (I know) episodes of Game of Thrones while figuring out what photos I wanted to order for Week in the Life. On Saturday I woke up early and finished a book, read a whole book in one sitting, and started a third book. In the afternoon Bri and I drove an hour and a half south so that she could buy a new car, and we spent many hours at the dealership. We drove back, stopped for Wendy’s, and then picked up the photos I ordered for my scrapbook.

On Sunday I woke up early because I was racing a 10k! It was my first race in a couple months and the furthest I’ve run since that last race. It went…. okay. It was a trail run and it was raining and I haven’t been training. But it was a great time! There was a pre-race dance party and lots of post-race hugs and photos.

After that, I went home to shower and get ready for a party! James is in November Project and is moving back to England soon, so we had a “celebrate all the holidays” going away party. There was alcohol and music and good food and friends and self timer photos and it was a ton of fun. I expected to stay a couple hours but ended up staying to watch the finale of Game of Thrones. I’m only halfway through the series but I wanted to watch the ending because I knew everyone would be talking about it, and it felt like it would be nice to watch the end of a culturally significant series with other people. Mixed feelings on it, but it is different for me since I didn’t invest 8-10 years of my life in the show!


It was a good weekend. Grateful for it.

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