The Gifts of Right Now

May 17, 2019 1 Comment

The Gifts of Right Now

May 17, 2019 1 Comment

I’m following up on my gifts of January post (so long ago!) to talk about the gifts of right now. Here are the things that I’m loving at this moment and that I get to see as a gift.

POETRY :: My roommate Bri has gotten me on a bit of a poetry kick lately, and I’ve been handwriting some of my favorites into my journal. It feels like a huge gift to get to read these poems in the first place, and then a secondary gift when I get to write each word and process it on another level.

A NEW BLOG DESIGN :: I revamped the entire blog design on a whim this weekend, and to have a fresh start like this feels like a big gift! My old theme was one I’d had for months, and I was ready for something that looked different. I’m really in love with this one. I will pull up the page every so often just to look at it because I really am so happy with it.

GIVING UP COFFEE :: I’m torn on this one, to be perfectly honest. Because on the surface I mostly just miss the routine of drinking something warm in the morning. I could switch to tea, but I like tea with milk, and I don’t have dairy any more. I’m sure there’s an alternative solution but for now I’m making do with my no-coffee-on-weekdays life. And then making up for it on the weekends and drinking as much as I want. But the gift of lessened anxiety is HUGE, and I appreciate it so much.

THREE THINGS ON THURSDAY :: It feels like a huge gift to have a list of newsletter subscribers who are willing to read what I have to say. I haven’t been diligent in sending it out every single week, but I’ve loved it each time I’ve done it. If you’re not on the list, you can register here.

WINE :: Two kinds of wine I’ve loved lately: La Vielle Ferme rose and Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon. Both have found their way into my apartment over the last few months and both are so damn good.

READING IN BED :: I’ve reclaimed reading in bed over the last week or so, especially on the weekends. It’s so nice to make coffee and get back in bed to read. It feels like a big gift to get to snuggle in with my pillows and read for a while. Another gift is sitting on the balcony to read, which I did over the weekend. Or reading on the couch before work. Let’s just count reading in general as a really, really big gift.

WEEK IN THE LIFE :: I participated in the documenting project Week in the Life last week. As a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about both the facts and the feelings of my life. I’ve been encouraged to notice things about my life, both big and small, and I’m curious to see how those will be different in five years or even a year from now. It’s nice to capture things as they are right now, and it’s making me genuinely more appreciative of the best parts of my life. Later this week I’ll be culling through the photos I took and then printing a number of them to put them in a scrapbook. To have this perspective of looking at things is for sure a gift.

So tell me, what are your gifts of right now?

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  • Linda Stoll May 19, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Gifts right about now … trees getting green, sunshine finally, barbecue, flip flops!

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