Weekend Update 05

May 13, 2019 No Comments

Weekend Update 05

May 13, 2019 No Comments

It was a good weekend full of books, Game of Thrones episodes (precisely four), and hanging out at home by myself. The most I did was leave the house for a book swap on Saturday and do some laundry and some very light meal prepping on Sunday. Beyond that, I relaxed, I finished two books (one which I started and finished in one day), I did a few hours of freelance work, and I redesigned the blog layout! If you’re reading this on a RSS reader or anywhere that isn’t the website, I highly suggest checking it out. I’m so happy with it. I also wrote some blog posts and drafted some more for later this week. All stuff I really like doing.

I picked up 8 books at the book swap I went to, which was organized through Instagram. I went to my first one in September, and this was the second one I’d been to. Last time I only brought one book, but this time I brought fourteen! I would’ve brought twice that, but my roommate nabbed half of them (stacked up in the first photo below) to read for herself before I donate them. You’ll see below that I still ended up bringing two bags full of books.

I did a Week in the Life project this week, which meant that I took a lot more photos than I normally would. That’s why there’s a few self timer shots. Honestly, I want to take more of them because I really like them! So cool to see my surroundings and have that captured.

All in all, a lot of time on the computer, but just as much time offline and doing things that energize me. I listened to Maggie Rogers on vinyl, I read on the balcony while drinking coffee, and I changed my sheets and cleaned my room. It was a good weekend. Grateful for it. And grateful for the Huji app which helps me make these photos look cool with absolutely no effort on my part. But really, just grateful to get to be here and to do cool stuff and sometimes do nothing and to be happy.

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