March 2019 Books

May 9, 2019 No Comments

March 2019 Books

May 9, 2019 No Comments

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

rating: ★★★★

This book in two sentences: Daisy Jones is a young girl in Los Angeles trying to become a singer. Things are going okay for her, but then she meets the lead singer of a rock band, and when she’s put together with the band, they skyrocket to fame.

What I liked and what I found frustrating: I was frustrated that this wasn’t a real band! I wanted to hear the music and watch their concert videos. I loved the format of this book, which I didn’t know until I opened it: it’s told in interview format, with the major players telling their sides of the story. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to write like this. This was an excellent mix of plot driven and character driven. Reading it was lovely.

Recommended for: anyone who likes music, fictional accounts of bands you wish you were real, and anyone who likes to read books everyone’s talking about!

The Winter Sister by Megan Collins

rating: ★★★

This book in two sentences: Sylvie’s older sister Persephone went out one night ten years ago and never returned; her body was found three days later. In the present day, Sylvie is home with her ill mother and decides it’s time to solve the mystery of what really happened to her sister.

What I liked and what I found frustrating: I liked that this was a mystery I enjoyed! I don’t tend to read them. I got this one because of a buddy read I did through Instagram. I also liked that I didn’t figure out the mystery before the book ended. It wrapped up differently than I expected it to, which I appreciated. I was frustrated by decisions some of the characters made, but that’s not necessarily a flaw.

Recommended for: anyone who likes mysteries or stories about sisters.

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

rating: ★★★

This book in two sentences: A group of nine strangers meet at a health resort in Australia, expecting ten days of detoxing, meditation, and spiritual freedom. Each has their own issues to contend with, and one’s issues become another’s when the leader of the health resort turns out to not be exactly what she claims.

What I liked and what I found frustrating: I loved this book at the start, like many of Moriarty’s other books, but then I felt like it took a weird turn into something that didn’t work for me. The plot spiraled into something I found really strange and it went on that winding road for much longer than I’d like. I think what I found most frustrating was the switch in tone.

Recommended for: fans of some of Moriarty’s kookier books or anyone who enjoys weirder books.

In total this month:

Total number of books: three
Number of fiction books: three
Number of nonfiction books: zero
Books by people who are not white dudes: three
Total number of books this year: fourteen

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