Quarter One Goals 2019

January 15, 2019 No Comments

Quarter One Goals 2019

January 15, 2019 No Comments

In addition to monthly goals, I like to set quarterly goals to make sure I’m keeping myself on track. A few years ago I read a book called the 12 Week Year, which suggests dividing your year into 12 week chunks to better get things done. The idea is that you try to do less in less, more focused time. The original idea is that you take 12 weeks and then a week of resting. I prefer to do it in quarters, which is 3 months.

I broke down my 2019 goals into smaller chunks for this. These are the goals I’m hoping to accomplish through the end of March, at which point I’ll come up with new goals and start again!

Goal 1: Manage my money well.

— Hit emergency fund goal.
— Pay taxes and use any refund to pay off credit card debt.
— Reduce debt to less than $500.

Goal 2: Finish novel draft.

— Sketch out rough novel plan.
— Identify a writer’s group to join for support.

Goal 3: Maintain a thriving online presence.

— Hit my goal of 100 newsletter subscribers.
— Get published on another website.
— Polish portfolio site to best represent me.
— Blog 3 times a week each week for the whole quarter.
— Write about my 2018 concerts, my 2019 word of the year, and three “deep/feelings” posts.

Goal 4: Love others well by showing up for them.

— Schedule hang outs with friends.
— Send 12 cards or letters to people I love.
— Celebrate people well for their accomplishments and just because.
— Give good gifts.

Goal 5: Live with less to experience more.

— Participate in a Contentment Challenge in February.
— Give away 15 books I won’t read anymore.
— Organize the clothes in my drawer (possibly try the KonMari method for clothing.)

Goal 6: Develop heart healthy habits.

— Get back into running with a 10k race in mid-February.
— Eat vegetables every day.
— Simplify meal prep with recipe lists and follow through with meal prep on weekends.

Goal 7: Explore new places + things.

— Have two adventure days (three if I can swing it.)
— Do 4 things from my list of 111 things to do in Los Angeles.
— Blog about each of those things.
— Try two new-to-me restaurants.

Goal 8: Read 100 books in 2019.

— Read 30 books.
— Blog books each month.
— Post a quarterly wrap up of my book thoughts + feelings.
— Hit 450 followers on my bookstagram.

Goal 9: Record my memories creatively.

— Try to stretch my bullet journal to last through the end of the quarter if possible.
— Keep up with the One Little Word project.
— Organize photos twice monthly.
— Craft either through Project Life or a possible other scrapbook project.

I’ll check in again the week of February 10th, the midpoint of Q1, to see how things are going and how I can adjust from here.

Do you set quarterly goals? How about monthly?

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