2019 Goals

January 14, 2019 No Comments

2019 Goals

January 14, 2019 No Comments

As an enneagram 3, goal setting is my absolute + forever jam. I’ve been using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets to help me set goals for a few years now. (My 2018 goals are here.)

Here’s what I have for this year.

Manage my money well.

What this looks like for me: paying off debt, hitting my emergency fund goal, starting a longer term savings fund, and continuing to use You Need A Budget (that’s an affiliate link, FYI, and if you use it you’ll get a free month). It looks like learning how to invest and figuring out how I can start saving for retirement. It looks like spending money only I have and being smarter with my money. It looks like saving for a trip. It looks like being able to give people gifts and make donations to causes I care about.

Finish novel draft.

What this looks like for me: finally doing the damn thing! Hoping to start on this in Q2.

Maintain a thriving online presence.

What this looks like for me: keeping up with blogging on a regular basis, getting published on another website, keeping up with writing my newsletter and getting more subscribers, and telling my story.

Love others well by showing up for them.

What this looks like for me: making more time for others through hanging out with friends, sending them cards just because, and letting them know I’m thinking of them. It looks like volunteering and being there for people.

Live with less to experience more.

What this looks like for me: purging my stuff, donating it, and buying less in the first place. It looks like doing a Contentment Challenge. It looks like sharing the wealth, hitting up the library, and shopping in thrift stores.

Develop heart healthy habits.

What this looks like for me: becoming healthier mentally + physically. Committing to November Project. Running more. Stretching more. Getting a half marathon PR. Training myself to be ready to run another marathon. Eating in ways that fuel me in the long term. Eating more whole foods. Going to therapy.

Explore new places + things.

What this looks like for me: visiting new places in California. Doing 15 things from my book of 111 things to do in Los Angeles. Having more adventure days. Saying yes.

Read 100 books in 2019.

What this looks like for me: Reading 100 books! I talked more in depth about my specific goals here.

Record my memories creatively.

What this looks like for me: keeping up with my bullet journal, Project Life, and my 1 Second Everyday video. It looks like creating for myself.

I’ve already started on some of these goals, and I’m excited to see what this year brings!

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