12 Bookish Resolutions (aka 2019 Reading Goals)

January 11, 2019 No Comments

12 Bookish Resolutions (aka 2019 Reading Goals)

January 11, 2019 No Comments

After not quite meeting my reading goals for 2018, I’m excited for a fresh start to set some new reading-related goals for this year!

This year, I will…

Read 100 books. I’m back with a second attempt at this goal. I know it’s doable if I keep up the pace of reading.

Read 60 books I own. Like many book lovers, I’m incredibly guilty of buying new books in favor of reading the ones I own. I’ll be moving some time this spring, and I don’t want to move alllll those books again.

Participate in the RAD Reading Challenge. I love Rachel’s blog and I’m excited to participate in this with her.

Read at least 10 books from the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge list. I want to say I will complete the whole list, but I’m not sure that’s realistic with my other goals! But the secret goal is to complete the whole list.

Keep tracking my reading and to-be-read lists. I’m going to do this this year with Goodreads and a (yet-to-be-created) spreadsheet. This will help with my next goal, which is…

Read 75% books by women and people of color. I had this goal last year and I fell behind on the data aspect of this, so I have no clue how I did.

Keep up with book club. I started a book club in the fall of 2017, and life events have kept me from going the last few months. I want to get back to it, because I love it.

Get my monthly reviews up on the blog in the first week of the month. Last year I wasn’t great about this, and it led to a backup, which for me leads to inaction.

Post quarterly reading updates. I love writing reviews, but I also want to write deeper thoughts about a few books I’ve especially loved over the last quarter.

Keep posting on my bookstagram. I’m loving the community over there, and I want to focus on interacting with people who love books as much as I do! It’s so fun to have people to talk about books with, and I get lots of ideas for books to try

Use the library more. I want to check the availability at the library first instead of deferring to online book shopping.

Stop reading books I’m not loving. I’m awful at this because I feel so guilty and I want to be able to count the book in my yearly book goal. That’s dumb and life is short and I should only be reading books I love.

What are your bookish resolutions for 2019?

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