October Goals

October 5, 2018 No Comments

October Goals

October 5, 2018 No Comments

From an “accomplish all the things” perspective, I didn’t do super well with my goals in September. But I did read five books (of the 8 I was hoping for), I wrote a bunch of blog posts, and I went on a solo adventure day. I ran my 5k, started marathon training, and flossed most days. Progress!


  • Wednesday November Project
  • Catch up on bullet journal trackers + “some lines a day” journal
  • Organize photos in Dropbox
  • Weekend meal prep
  • Read 2 books
  • Yoga once a week
  • Connect with a friend


Clean out clothes and reorganize. This is left over from last month, but I really want to get to it.

Plan for NaNoWriMo. I’ve decided to do it again this year (I took the last few years off) and I want to at least create an outline of the story I’m hoping to write.

Plan for and have Adventure Day #2. I still need to write about the first one, by the way.

Create editorial calendar + write 15 blog posts. I’m so happy to be back blogging more consistently, and I’m going to ride the wave as long as I can!

Read 10 books. 
I’ve got a giant stack of library books to work through, so I’m not lacking in material.

Make Q4 schedule + goals. I wrote about the idea of quarterly goals last March. I didn’t do so well with it this year as the year went on, but I still love the idea a lot.

Stick to my workout plan. My roommate Bri signed up to run the marathon with me (her first time!) and it’s only the first week, but I’ve stuck to more workouts because of her doing it with me.

Here’s to a successful, fun, happy October!

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