Life in Los Angeles: Salt & Straw

October 4, 2018 No Comments

Life in Los Angeles: Salt & Straw

October 4, 2018 No Comments

The 18 month anniversary of my move to LA seems as good an opportunity as any to write an ode to my favorite ice cream shop: Salt & Straw.

There’s three things I love most about Salt & Straw: their branding, their changing flavors each month, and their instagram-ability (let’s be real).

I don’t know the first time I went, but I do know that my now-roommate and I used to stop there on our way to concerts at the Troubadour, which I love (and haven’t been to in far too long).

Salt & Straw has a set list of consistent flavors, but they also have 5-7 new flavors each month, usually on a theme. The last time I went there it was “Late Harvest”. In April it was misnamed flavors invented by kids to trick people for April Fools’ Day. In August there were a bunch of flavors with vegetables, and I had a delicious scoop of chocolate zucchini.

I really like that you can try as many flavors as you want – and even if I don’t like the flavor, they’re still always interesting and new.

There’s also the time that I saw Victoria Beckham and her kids (on my roommate Bri’s birthday, no less) and she asked me if we were “in the queue”. We were, but I said no, because it was Victoria Beckham. We basically all stood there in silence while she ordered and then coped with the shock afterward.

It might seem silly to wax poetic about an ice cream place, but I really do love it there so much. I get the same thing pretty much every time (chocolate gooey brownie) and it feels like a small luxury each time I do.

My favorite location is in West Hollywood (where I saw Victoria, obviously) but find a complete list of Los Angeles Salt & Straw locations here. Find all my LA food recommendations here.

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