Bastille: Live in Concert

September 26, 2018 No Comments

Bastille: Live in Concert

September 26, 2018 No Comments

I saw Bastille for the first time the week before I moved to Los Angeles. They played at the Agganis Arena in Boston, a 7,200 seat arena, and I went with my friend Lauren. It was March of 2017, and I was getting ready to start a really big adventure. 

It’s been pretty much exactly 18 months since that night, and I got to see them again on Monday. (I think my previous show was on a Monday, too, and I’m sappy, but I’m not quite sappy enough to count the exact number of weeks.) Pretty much everything about my life now is different, but the show was just as good.

A list of random things I want to remember: running into my friend and his girlfriend and them offering to let me crash their date since I was alone, how the venue was set up with strange levels, how fancy the lobby was, how nice it was to find free parking, how the people in front of me were being annoying and I decided to forget about it and just enjoy the show, how I put my phone away and barely took any pictures the whole night.

I want to remember how the band brought balloons on stage for the encore and then joked that it looked terrible (it didn’t), how good it felt to just close my eyes and feel the music and dance, how Dan put on a taco hat someone threw on stage, how the singer of Walk the Moon was three inches in front of me and I didn’t know til I got home and looked on Instagram.

I want to remember how I’d had a weird day and once I let go of those feelings and decided to lose myself in the music, my whole mood lifted, how freeing and joyous and fun it is to sing Quarter Past Midnight and Happier and Pompeii with 1,800 strangers, how there were zero visuals for the show and it really didn’t matter at all because they are just that good.

My number one goal when I moved to LA was to go to more concerts. I saw NEEDTOBREATHE at the Greek Theatre two nights before this show (for $20!) and that experience showed me that I don’t need to know every song a band has ever done to have a good time at their show. For me, there’s nothing like live music.

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