September 2018 Goals

September 14, 2018 No Comments

September 2018 Goals

September 14, 2018 No Comments

It feels vaguely on brand for this blog that I’m writing this post with just two weeks left to go in the month! But better late than never. Goals + planning feels like it’s fallen a bit to the wayside over these last few months and I’d like to get back to it.

I broke out my sad, lonely Powersheets (which are actually a set from 2017 that barely got used!) and dusted them off for the first time since March. As you might be able to see in the photo above, the page I wrote on is actually from August! It’s a mistake I didn’t notice until I had finished. I crossed it off and wrote September and it’s as good as new. One new thing I did this month was to photo copy my tending list from the Powersheets in a smaller size, cut it to fit my planner, and tape it in there. It helps me to keep an eye on the goals a bit more.

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish this month:

Monthly Goals

  • Read 8+ books. I should be finishing a second today (both books are 550+ pages, so it’s taken a while) and then hopefully make some progress on this goal.
  • Write 12 blog posts. That amounts to 3 a week. This post makes 6 posts in September, so I’m right on track!
  • Clean/organize dresser and underbed storage.
  • Write 5 posts for OriGenes, the site I freelance for.
  • Run the Santa Monica Classic. Done! Recap post coming next week.
  • Solo adventure. Not totally sure what this entails, but I just know I want to do some sort of outing on my own. I’m tentatively planning this for next Sunday, since I think it’s my only free day!
  • Run 15 miles total.
  • Start marathon training. It starts on the 29th!

Weekly Goals

  • Wednesday November Project. 1/2 on this thus far!
  • Connect with a friend without technology (unless it’s a phone call!)
  • Spend under $75 a week (expected bills/subscriptions don’t count).
  • Write a letter to a friend.
  • 15 job applications.

My daily goals are to get out of bed without checking my phone, take my vitamins, floss, read for 30 minutes every day, make my bed, and go to bed by 10:15 pm! Honestly, I tend to use the daily goals section of PowerSheets the least, since I have a habit tracker in my planner. 

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