Currently || April 2018

April 3, 2018

Anne from the blog In Residence does a monthly link up on the first Wednesday of every month where people share what they’re up to. I’m sharing mine a day early because I have an important post scheduled for tomorrow.

showering | myself in appreciation, which is something i don’t do enough. it’s been a full year tomorrow since i moved to los angeles. i did a really hard thing and i’m making it work.

cultivating | a spirit of rest and self-care. last month, i turned 25, worked a multi-day work conference, ran a marathon, went to boston and worked a film festival. it was a LOT, and i’m excited to chill at home for the most part this month.

expecting | good things to happen this month. not ready to say more at the moment, but i’m hopeful that some things will work out.

buying | hopefully very little! after last month, when i went a little crazy with spending, i’m working on sticking to my budget. i use a (lifesaving) program called You Need A Budget, where you put all your $ into categories. after a few months of heavy credit card spending after my move, i started using this program and it’s been great. i don’t spend money i don’t have anymore. but i tapped into the emergency fund last month for a couple things that were definitely not emergencies, and i would like to stick to the budget this month. willpower is hard.

cooking | real food for myself after a few months of crazy eating. i made all my lunches (a kale and farro salad that i really like) on sunday, which made me feel good about the week ahead.

3 thoughts on “Currently || April 2018

  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I really need to start making more food and eating at home more often. I know it’s a lot healthier, but it just takes so much. lol

    Good luck with sticking to your budget! I really need to save more.


  2. Anne

    Ohhhhh, blue sky and flowers. How lovely to see! And wow, it sounds like last month was great, but I can totally see being up for a quiet one in April. Hope your marathon went great!

  3. Jessica

    I’ve used YNAB before! Right now I’m using Mint and March was NOT a good month for my willpower. Eventually, budgeting gets easier. But it really IS hard.


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