12 Days of Love Letter Writing

December 14, 2017 No Comments

12 Days of Love Letter Writing

December 14, 2017 No Comments

A couple years ago, I first heard of an organization called More Love Letters. People submit requests for love letters to be written for their friends in need, and then the letters are bundled together and sent to the recipient. The letters come from strangers all over the world, encouraging them to keep going even when times are hard. It’s the epitome of using social media for good.

Every December, the organization runs 12 Days of Letter Writing, a festive love letter campaign to encourage people during the holiday season – and this year, I’m joining in! It began on December 4 and ends tomorrow, but you have until the 20th of December to mail your letters. This means you can absolutely still participate, whether you want to write one letter or 12.

The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is a perfect way for you to show up this season and help people in need around the world. Grab your friends or classmates, kids or students, and rally together to bring some goodwill into the world this December. All you need is some stationery and a few stamps.

Here’s the MLL request for today, for a sweet 9 year old named Zaden:

Zaden is nine years old. My sister is his third grade teacher. A few weeks ago, Zaden and his family were involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver. Zaden’s seat belt snapped and he was ejected from the vehicle. He survived the accident but with four shattered vertebrae, internal bleeding, organ damage, and the muscles and tendons on his neck were all torn–meaning his head is only attached by his spine. He’s in a full body cast and he has a long road of recovery ahead. He is scared and confused as they are unsure at this time if he will ever walk again. But kids are special, and they have a way of beating the odds every day.

My sister and I would love to give Zaden (and his mother) the tangible love and support of a bundle of letters. We want to show him just how many people are in his corner cheering him on.

I wrote Zaden a letter and you can too! The address to send his letters to is below. If his story doesn’t specifically resonate with you, you can find another recipient (there’s 11 others!) on the MLL blog. I’m committing to writing letters for three more recipients, and postmarking them by December 20th so they arrive on time. You can also find more info here on their site.

If you’re stuck on what to write, here’s my letter to Zaden. It doesn’t need to be complicated; sometimes short and simple can say everything you need to say.

Dear Zaden,

I am so proud of you. I’m proud of you for waking up everyday and for being so brave even though it can feel scary.

Sometimes life is really hard. It doesn’t always feel easy. But there is always good in the world: animals and sunshine and snow and our friends and people out there who love us. There are so many wonderful things, Zaden, and they’re all proof that we’re going to be okay.

You are so strong. It feels like you have a really long road ahead of you, but you are going to endure. You will push against being scared, every single day, until it gets a little easier. Every day, if you take one tiny step forward, it will get better.

I hope that something really good happens to you soon, and that that thing shows you that there is good in the world. I hope that it reminds you there is light to hold onto.

I hope that 2018 brings a whole bunch of brand new great things for you: that you make new friends, that you get to do something fun on your tenth birthday (double digits!), that you know how loved you are.

I’m proud of you, and I know you can do this.

Sending you love,


Zaden’s bundle
℅ Persons
PO Box 751
Pleasantville, OH 43148

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