November 2017 Books

I started off November planning to get through as many of my Book of the Month picks as I could – I’m great about ordering them, but not great about actually following through and reading them soon after I get them. But then library books and book club and freelance work took over, and I concentrated on reading those things instead. This was a pretty good month for reading: I loved some books, didn’t like some others, but I managed to read a ton.

12 Days of Love Letter Writing

A couple years ago, I first heard of an organization called More Love Letters. People submit requests for love letters to be written for their friends in need, and then the letters are bundled together and sent to the recipient. The letters come from strangers all over the world, encouraging them to keep going even when times are hard. It’s the epitome of using social media for good.


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I write things on the internet, run a lot of miles, and read a lot of books.

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