USWNT Victory Tour

Saturday night found me in the stands of the Rose Bowl Stadium, cheering on the Women’s National Soccer team in their game against the Irish squad. It was an interesting experience for me, given that I’m a dual citizen of both countries, but in reality there was never a question of who I was going to be cheering on: the Americans.

June 2019 Books

Just one book for June’s post! With everything going on (#1000wordsofsummer, doing a lot of writing, being a human, traveling) I only finished one book. That book was Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke.

Places I Stopped

I recently finished the book Places I Stopped on the Way Home and found it deeply powerful. Inspired by Meg (I mean it when I say that this is the deep, heart wrenching, incredible book I’d like to write one day), I decided to write about five of my own “places I stopped.” I picked a place or a thing or an experience, set a timer for five minutes, and wrote. As I wrote, some themes emerged. Without further ado, here’s an incomplete list of places I stopped on the way home.


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